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Clear Space, Clear Mind Subscription Foundation of Organization Week 3: Foundational Principle #3- Categorizing

Week 3: Foundational Principle #3- Categorizing

Categorizing is our next foundational principle of organization.  Take the items from your KEEP basket and we will categorize them. By categorize I mean placing alike things together. 

For example, you would place all the tank tops together in a closet, and all the sweaters together. Or in the kitchen you would categorize your measuring spoons and mixing bowls by need and function.

Start with the basic categorizing of placing all the same type of item together. Place it in it's own pile. For example, get all the pens and pencils and put them in one pile. Get all the blankets together...the DVDs together...the paperwork together. 

Place similar items in a group together. You want all of the same things in the same spot. It makes for simple, yet effective organization. If you ran out of toilet paper, you could easily send someone to fetch you another roll because you keep all the toilet paper together. 

I understand that you would want various items spread throughout your home, and that is OK! But you must start with the core of categorizing and keep all similar items together, or the bulk of them anyway. 

Another example: This will prove to be very useful when you think you are running low on toothpaste. You won't have to run to each bathroom to find out, you can just look in the one area you keep all the toothpaste to see if there is any reserve.


Lesson Activity

QUICK WIN: Set the timer for 5 minutes. Start with the junk drawer. Clear it out by going through the fundamental steps of organizing (edit, sort, categorize).

 Remember to share your experience HERE and include #CSCM to get credit for participation. 

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