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Clear Space, Clear Mind Subscription Foundation of Organization Week 2: Foundational Principle #2- Sorting

Week 2: Foundational Principle #2- Sorting

Being able to take your edited piles into the sorting phase, is the next foundational principle of organization. You are armed with editing expertise, now you can sort through your clutter. Put them into 3 basic piles...KEEP, TOSS, DONATE. 

We can break down this process into a YES, NO, MAYBE sorting system but everything will need to have an end location eventually.

The KEEP pile are things you absolutely want in your home and in your life. You don't have to think twice about it. Those items are here to stay and to serve you. 

The TOSS pile is for items that are broken or may no longer have a purpose or function in your home. These items can be recycled or taken to the dump.

The DONATE pile can serve many purposes. It can be piles sorted into charity donations, thrift store sales, or given to someone that could use them more than you. The donate pile can have many purposes. You have to be clear on where you want your "donate" items to land. You have complete control. Also consider the tax write off for those things donated to charity.

There could also be a BONUS pile for re-purposing your items. If you find a use for an item in another area of the house, by all means, put it there. I found that 2 lamps on my piano was cluttered but by place 1 lamp in my office made for the perfect placement. Consider this option as a solution to those items you are having a hard time parting with. 


Lesson Activity

QUICK WIN: Set the timer for 5 minutes. Sort through a small toy box.

Here is a list of place you can donate your items:

1. Goodwill

2. Salvation Army

3. Volunteers of America

4. Alliance of Career Development Nonprofits

5. Dress for Success

6. Indigo Rescue

7. One Warm Coat

8. Soles4Souls/Clothes4Souls

9. Bride Across America

10. The Glass Slipper Project 

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